The below is a list of various services, products and websites that I have personally used and found to be either interesting, useful or excellent. I do not accept paid for recommendations – anything here is because I endorse it. There may be referral links below to certain products or services – these help me fund the website hosting but you are under no obligation to use them! I provide both a referral and normal link in these cases.


Octopus Energy (non-referral link) – while not the absolute cheapest for energy in the UK, all of their tariffs come with 100% renewable electricity and you can also pay to have your gas usage off-set. I use their Octopus Go tariff to charge up my electric car and find the rates very reasonable (far cheaper than petrol). Octopus Energy will split £100 between myself and you if you decide to switch to them through my link.

Plus Net (non-referral link) – these guys offer cheap internet and excellent customer service, so much so that I’ve been with them for the past 5 years. The ability to pre-pay the yearly “Line Rental Service” and knock about 20% off my bill has always been appreciated.


Vanguard – the mega U.S. broker arrived in the UK a few years ago and is still one of the cheapest ways to get started with investing. While you don’t have to use their own platform, they offer a wide range of funds that cheap and well diversified. Their LifeStrategy funds are among the easiest ways to get started and they are very transparent on costs and charges compared to other brokers. They are also due to launch a SIPP in early 2020!


Curve – is a MasterCard Debit card which lets you link any number of Visa and MasterCard credit cards on to your account and you only need one card to access them all from their app! Throw in no or reduced Forex fees and you may not need to carry another card. Sign up with promo code 9N3WAL4N and receive a free £5 with your first purchase!

Renewable Energy Products

MyEnergi – provide a variety of products to help you make use of your excess solar power from your solar panels. Among them is the Eddi for heating your hot water and the Zappi charger which is a smart enabled EV charger. Even better, their products can talk with each other and help make your home extremely efficient! I plan to do a review on their products in the future as I have most installed.


Tesla (non-referral link) – if you don’t know who Tesla are, then they are the current leader in electric cars based out from the U.S. While expensive and certainly not for everyone, my Tesla Model 3 is an incredible piece of kit and makes the long drives I do for my job all the more fun, and they are exceptionally cheap to run!