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You want to retire by 40?! Are you mad?!

– Friends, family & colleagues

This is a blog dedicated to starting something different in the UK. This is a blog about money, about technology, about the future and how we can all help one another to discover a path towards our desired destinations.

My name is Xailter and I am writing this blog to do exactly what the name suggests: Ignite FIRE. Take the embers and make them grow. If you don’t know what FIRE is, then welcome and you’re in for a treat in getting to learn about the principles! If you do know, then welcome as well, and I hope to add to the conversation with my own journey towards FIRE. Either way, the goal is to increase its visibility and offer you another way to consider your life, with a little fun along the way!

Why Ignite FIRE now?

UK household debt March 2018

The idea for this blog came when I read this article and saw the above graph. Personal debt is the highest it has ever been. This is not healthy. This is not sustainable. Even worse is the sheer amount of confusion, bewilderment and unawareness I have personally experienced from my fellow family, friends and colleagues over various money related issues, beliefs about certain technologies and sometimes a simple lack of interest in their own futures.

These are smart people (with degrees!) with lots of debt who are struggling to provide themselves with the lives they want. I want to show them a better way and I believe a FIRE approach is one of the best ways to do approach this.

Why should I listen to you?

I’m glad you asked, but I want to cover my own story so far in a separate post. In the meantime, I will direct you to the quote at the top of this post and tell you that this is an entirely achievable goal. How will I do this? Read on dear visitor…

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