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Welcome to the place for Igniting FIRE! If you think you can handle the time and dedication to get good at handling your money, desires and life then this is the place for you! Feel free to start at the very first article, and read through my own journey, or simply dive right in with the latest articles below.

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Why you need a Raspberry Pi

I wasn’t originally planning on getting an upgrade. My old Raspberry Pi Model 3B was a little old, sure, but it still had a reasonable amount of grunt. But it had seen better days. But since I’ve been rediscovering my creative side – I’m finding it a bit lacking. I’d bent two of the pins … Continue reading

2020 Q2 Update: Long days, short weeks

Has it really been 3 months already since the last update?! I think I’m finally understanding the phrase “The weeks are long but the years are short”. We have been in lock down for about 15 weeks now (tracked by our exercise regime) and it is frankly worrying how fast it feels those weeks have … Continue reading

Revisiting the race for FIRE

So some idiot started a blog and said in their first post that it was entirely possible for him to retire by 40 if he so wanted to. While he has detailed some of his story and financial history so far, he’s never really revisited that previous statement and tried to extrapolate out whether he’s … Continue reading


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